Smart Thermostat Installation Cambridge


Technological advances in the last few years have led to great innovations in Smart Technology and Smart Homes, one of these advances has come in the form of Smart Thermostats, a simple and efficient system that can be used to control your heating from your Smartphone or Tablet via the internet.

Companies such as Nest and Hive have recently brought out beautifully simple Smart thermostats which can save you energy and money as well as giving you much more flexibility in controlling your central heating.

We offer a full supply, installation and setup service for various Smart Technologies including Smart Thermostats for your home.

We Provide: Nest Thermostat Installation in Cambridge, Hive Smart Thermostat Installers in Cambridgeshire. For other brand of Smart Thermostat please ask, we can install most brands.

What are the benefits of Smart Thermostats?
Simply put, control your heating from anywhere, avoiding wasted energy and making your home more efficient.

What does smart thermostat installation involve?
We can fit a smart thermostat to most modern boilers and central heating systems. Installation is quick and we will teach you how to use your new Smart Thermostat. Our Installers in Cambridge are here to help.