PAT Testing Cambridge


PAT Testing is an important service for many businesses in Cambridge. Why? Because as an employer you have to show that you are doing all you can to keep your employees safe as they go about their daily work. Electricity poses a great risk and appliances can easily become damaged or deteriorated leading to risk of electric shock.

The Health and safety at work act 1974 requires that employers and employees take responsibility for the safety of all those working at the premises. This includes the electrical appliances.

We offer a fully comprehensive service of PAT Testing every year for Local businesses to enure they comply with health and safety standards and also for insurance purposes. If you need PAT Testing in Cambridge please give us a call.

What does PAT Testing Stand for?
PAT stands for "Portable Appliance Testing", People often call it PAT Testing because it is clearer that just calling it PAT.

What does PAT Testing involve?
PAT Testing Involves checking every electrical appliance that has a plug and is reasonably portable, or can be moved around. A visual inspection is carried out to check for damage, and then electrical tests are performed using a PAT Testing Machine, these tests are to check that the item is earthed, that the internal wiring is not damaged, and that there is no power leakage.