Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Cambridgeshire



How can you tell if your electrical installation at home or at work is really safe?

The best way is to get a qualified electrician to carry out a test and inspection report (electrical installation condition report). In the UK this should be done every 10 years for a domestic property, or on change of occupancy, and more often for business premises.
If you havent had it done lately its really worth getting a quote. For the small cost you lay out the peace of mind is priceless!
We provide a full written test report detailing our findings and this can be provided to your insurer if they require. For an electrical installation condition report or landlords safety certificate in Cambridge please get in touch!

How often should I get my electrics tested?

In a normal house you should have them tested every 10 years
In a rental property your should have an electrical inspection every 5 years
In a caravan every 3 years
In a Swimming Pool every year
A property should also be tested before being sold or prepared to rent out

What does an electrical inspection involve?

During an electrical inspection we carry out both visual checks and electrical tests.
Visual checks include looking at sockets and lights to check for damage or deterioration, checking the fuse box to see if it is in good condition and complies with safety regulations, looking at wiring and earthing.
Electrical tests involve putting an electrical current into a circuit to measure the resistance of the earthing, and to check the insulation of the wiring, we also check if the wires are the right way around (polarity) and if the RCD (Trip Switch) operates within the correct time and specifications.
For more information on Periodic Inspection Reports and what they involve see this article from Electrical Safety First

Top Tip: When asking for an inspection report, use the correct terminology which is now "Electrical Installation Condition Report"