Fire Alarm Installation in Cambridge


Safety is one of our top priorities and we know our customers care about safety too. We offer an installation and maintainance service for fire alarm systems in Cambridge. Whether its for your business or for your home. We can install a certified fire alarm system to protect you and your belongings Fire Alarm Systems in Cambridge We offer installation of both domestic and commericial fire alarm systems in Cambridge. What kind of systems are available? In domestic situations a simple mains power smoke alarm system with batterybackup and wired interconnection is the standard. In commercial settings we offer fully addressable systems as well as more simple installations for small businesses.

Cambridge Fire Department offer helpful tips for home owners regarding regular testing of domestic smoke alarms and how they should be installed.

We offer free advice for Fire Alarm Systems many people wonder what they should do and how far they should go to protect their home or business, if you require Fire Alarm installation in Cambridge please give us a call.

How often should I test my smoke alarms?
The Cambridge fire department reccomends that you test your smoke alarms every month, one way to not forget is to put it in your calendar on the first of the month.

What type of detectors are available?
The most common types of detector in the home are ionisation, optical, and heat. Ionisation are the most common and best at detecting fast burning fire, optical are more expensive and best at detecting slower burning and smoke such as electrical fires, heat detectors are used in kitchens for example to avoid false alarms from burnt toast. They detect a swift rise in temperature which could indicate fire.